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Hello Im Jordan. Im Currently a Student Studying Product Design In Manchester. This Year I Am Tasked With a Group Project With a Company Called TREKMATES, That have Asked Us To Research, Design and Create a New "Lightweight Camping" Torch That Will Steal The Market.

So For My Primary Research I Have Chosen To Collect Data From Campers and Travelers To See What they Look For In Product Such As These. 

Here i have 2 surveys. It would be greatly appreciated if i could gather some respones to use in my Work To help my team produce a base design and the minimal requirements for this product. 

One survey is via link, which you Can Click on Here --->" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">TORCH LIGHTING SURVEY

The Other Will Follow Here. Could You Copy and Paste it into the comments, adding you answers to the Questions provided please?



1. Please rank these qualities in order of importance to you, with the first being the best:

a) Durability and reliability (    )

b) Size and weight (    )

c) Overall brightness (    )

d) Ability to be used as an ambient light (     )

e) Battery life (    )

f) Novelty features (any feature not mentioned above) (     )

2. How many nights do you spend camping in an average (summer) month?


3. When camping, how many hours on average do you use a torch per trip between opportunities to charge?

4. What is the maximum distance you’d typically travel while carrying camping equipment in a day?

5. What are the most extreme environments that you’d typically go camping in (e.g. Scottish Highlands, Iceland, The Amazon etc.)?


6. How useful would you find an ‘ambient lamp’ ( a dimmer, secondary - lantern like feature) feature to be?


7. On a scale of 1-5 , how useful (1 being very useful) would you find a USB power bank feature be to you?


8. On a scale of 1-5 , how useful (1 being very useful) would you find the ability to remote control the torch from your phone, via an app?


9. How essential is an emergency backup solution to you (the ability to run on conventional, AA style batteries, or to run off a hand crank)?


10. Are there any special, niche requirements that you’d have of a torch?


11. Approximately how much would you be likely to spend on the ‘ideal’ torch?

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