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Hello to everyone from across the pond! My name is Judy and I'm working on convincing my hubby that a European/Asian/African/Middle Eastern road trip is a good idea!


Hubby (Jay) was born in England but moved to Canada when he was three years old. We now have two amazingly crazy boys of our own and want them to meet their extended family while taking an epic journey around (part of) the world for one year. As we are waaaaaay over here in Canada, we don't know much about traveling in your neck of the woods but we are eager to learn. I'm hoping all of you amazing campers and caravanners can help us.


Can anyone here provide us with information about buying/renting campers/motorhomes as foreigners? What about driver's licences and insurance? I'm doing my best to research over here but Google isn't exactly providing me with the info I need and I'm trying to get in contact with embassies to ask important questions about working while we travel.


I thank you all in advance for your help, tips, and advice!




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Mike & Debbie
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Try there is some information on this site that may help. Regards Mike
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Hi Judy, if you use Facebook seek out our page here and join. You can then ask all the questions you want to. To be honest nobody uses this website much anymore. Lots more people to help you on facebook. See you soon

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